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Make best use of the early morning – as a delivery carrier for our newspapers ...

sueddeutschezeitungenOn the readers’ doorstep by 6 a.m. every morning: the daily newspaper. From 3:30 a.m. on, people are on the move to get this done. Six days a week, in and around Munich. People of all ages (aged 18 and up) and of different professional and personal backgrounds use the wee hours to work this part-time or side job. The night shifts are tax-free and an increase in fitness comes as a bonus.
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An exceptional job for exceptional people ... like you?


“My dynamic start to the day ...”

Are you an early bird, athletic and enjoy being outside whatever the weather? – This is your early-morning workout that leaves you plenty of time to do other things during the day! You can also join us for the shorter term as a stand-in or temp.

Interested? Become a newspaper delivery carrier with Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik and make good money on the side while others are still asleep ... apply online.


Mutter mit Kind

“My family, my time …”

Ready for a change in everyday routines? – As a newspaper delivery carrier with Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik, you can enjoy the extra income as well as plenty of time for your family responsibilities. Flexible shifts, also as stand-ins.

Interested? – Call us at 0800 5894731 or apply online.



“Making the most of our day …”

Want to make some travel money and enjoy greater freedom? – As newspaper delivery carriers with Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik, couples – e.g. sharing a route – can also make the most of the early morning, which leaves them more time for their daytime jobs as students, apprentices, or young professionals. It’s easy to join the team, also on a temporary basis or to cover for a carrier who’s on vacation!

Interested? – Call us at 0800 5894731 or apply online.



“Retirement can wait …”

Not ready to quit working just yet? And a little extra money would come in handy? – If you enjoy being outdoors, becoming a newspaper delivery carrier with Süddeutsche Zeitung Logistik may just be the right thing for you to do.

Are you interested in a permanent position? Or would you rather work a side job as a stand-in or temp? – Call us at 0800 5894731 or apply online.



Sounds like a match for you? – Then see for yourself! Go on a trial tour and meet the people who could soon be your colleagues. You will accompany and assist one of our team members and have the chance to ask questions. Come and find out what it takes to own the night to make some extra money as a newspaper delivery carrier with Sueddeutsche Zeitung. – Call us at 0800 5894731 (toll-free) and we will let you know how to arrange a trial tour.

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